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How to Get Rid of Pet Hair in Your Home Once and For All!

How to Get Rid of Pet Hair in Your Home Once and For All!


Our loyal loving furry friends are every bit as part of our families as much as our own kids; however, unlike our human family members, our pets shed, a lot. 

Although this is definitely no reason to love them any less, once in a while we wish we had some ways to lessen the amount of pet hair sprawled across every corner of our homes and thankfully, we’ve got you covered with these easy tips and tricks to getting rid of pet hair in your home! 

1. Furniture and Upholstery

We all know how great it feels to cuddle up next to our cat or dog on the couch after a long day at work, but unless you have leather couches, the downside to that cozy situation is the hair they leave behind them. 

Believe it or not you don’t need to get on your hands and knees with a roll of tape anymore, a simple rubber glove dampened with water will do the trick! 

Just run your hand over the surface of the couch or fabric to attract the hair. 


2. Floors

Depending on whether your floors are carpeted or hardwood, we’ve got the solution for you. 

For carpet flooring, scrape a pumice stone gently along the surface. Any hair on the carpet will gather right up! 

If you’ve got hardwood floors, use an electrostatic or microfiber dry mop to attract the hairs. 

3. Your Clothes

For a quick fix to removing that pesky pet hair, keep a lint roller right beside your door so you can have a quick hair removal session before leaving the house each time.  If you’re interested in a more heavy-duty hair removal session, try throwing in all your clothes into the dryer along with a dryer sheet for 10 minutes. The movement and softener loosens hair, which winds up in the lint trap. Adding liquid water softener to the washer helps too.

4. On Your Pets Themselves!

The best way to get rid of pet hair is at the source! Always remember to brush, brush and brush your pet's hair daily to dramatically cut down the amount they shed. 

This unique plastic rounded bristles will disperse the pressure and smoothly massage your pet’s body for a no-pain grooming experience. Also, the special ergonomic design handle allows easy grip as well as easy access to all pet’s body parts for a pleasant experience.